→ Fundraiser to Help Meg with Treatment!

Hey tumblr world, I have a very important link to share with you all!!!

Many of you know Meg, aka kidsontherunn, and how hard she is fighting for recovery right now. Unfortunately, professional treatment doesn’t come cheap and insurance can’t always be relied upon. That’s why I have created this fundraiser to raise money for Meg to help pay for a treatment program and travel expenses to get there. Please please consider donating. Even just a few dollars (the price of a single Starbucks drink!) would help immensely. Meg is a beautiful soul who deserves health and happiness, and we can help her achieve it and support her in this battle!

Thank you so much, and peace and love to you.

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    Though I can’t help with the fundraiser itself, I can help by spreading the word~~!
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    i haven’t known meg for too long, but during the time that i have she’s proven to be one of the most laid back, kindest,...
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    Please consider giving
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    SIGNAL BOOST THIS PLEASE. Insurance doesn’t cover ED treatment since it isn’t classified as a physical ailment that can...
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    I donated. What a wonderful cause, never stop fighting
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    Her blog is so inspiring and raw and she deserves all the help she can.